12 Jan - 2018

50 Hashtags to use for each day of the week

Hashtags are offering you some of the best ways to stand out online. While you can post a lot of content online and stand out in some way, the reality is that you do need hashtags to get more exposure. The idea is to use the right hashtag and you will have no problem getting more leads and customers in no time. The return on investment can be huge, and all you have to do is to take your time and see what hashtags are good for you.

Because of that, we created a list with some of the best hashtags for each day of the week. No matter if you post each day or not, it’s still a good idea to have things like these ready to go. The focus is on figuring out what hashtags work and which ones are the most efficient!

Monday Hashtags

Monday is the beginning of the week. As a result, you want the hashtags to be fun as they need to eliminate the pressure and just bring in a bit more fun into the mix. You shouldn’t rush into some crazy hashtags, but something simple and funny will definitely help you cheer up and have fun. Which is exactly what you want at the end of the day.

  1. #MotivationMonday – this is the best way to start motivating people as they start a new week.
  2. #MeatfreeMonday – a lot of people have a hard time losing weight. This great hashtag can be fun as well as motivational for the right people.
  3. #ManicMonday – fun is always a great tool to start off the week, as it brings in a sense of positivity
  4. #MarketingMonday – if you have lots of followers that enjoy your marketing advice, then this is the right hashtag for you
  5. #MemoryMonday – sometimes memories get the best of us, other times they are very helpful. Use this to help people remember something meaningful.
  6. #MondayMadness– worth it if you know any deals or anything that stands out during the day
  7. #MakeitHappenMonday – motivational hashtag at its best. Set a goal and make it happen!
  8. #MakeWavesMonday – it’s hard for us to stand out, but the reality is that everyone can make waves with the right goal. The way you encourage your audience to do this is all up to you, but the results can be very special in the end.
  9. #MusicMonday – this hashtag encourages music sharing and it’s one of the nicest, yet simplest hashtags you can use. If you are a music fan and you want to share music with other people, this may be the best way to do it.

Tuesday Hashtags

Tuesday is all about bringing in front some great, unique moments for you to enjoy. Sure, you may be working during this day, but in the end it’s just that type of thing that gives in a really enticing, relaxing and unique experience. It’s by far one of the best and coolest experiences you can have if you use the right hashtag.

  1. #TransformationTuesday – no one will stay the same way all the time. You can easily take yourself to the next level, and that’s exactly what this hashtag represents
  2. #TipTuesday – this enables you to share some great tips about your industry with the audience. You can share one or more tips each week, or you can ask your audience for tips to help others. This engages the community and it just makes things more fun.
  3. #TuesdayTreat – it can be anything from a funny picture to some great advice!
  4. #TuesdayTogether – the hashtag encourages people to work together and to think about their loved ones
  5. #TuesdayTrivia – everyone loves trivia, and this helps everyone identify the right approach towards trivia questions and experiences.
  6. #TravelTuesday – thanks to this hashtag, people will get to share their travel destinations for the coming year!

Wednesday Hashtags

A lot of people tend to be very bored during Wednesday. So, it’s important for the hashtags to be either very funny or extremely motivational. It’s hard for them to get past this week, so knowing how to tackle this type of issue is very important. It seems that the best thing you can do is to focus on value and enjoy your time as much as possible.

  1. #WackyWednesday – fun at its best, in all formats
  2. #WildlifeWednesday – talking about wildlife, be it news, pictures or videos
  3. #WellnessWednesday – people get to think about themselves for a change and how they can live a much better and healthier life. It’s a great hashtag for people that want to be healthy in the long term
  4. #WonderfulWednesday – sometimes you just need to experience and enjoy the little things in life, and this encourages you to do that.
  5. #WayBackWednesday – it’s a good idea to look at the past and learn from it, as it will make for a much better and more meaningful future
  6. #WisdomWednesday – share a piece of knowledge with your audience.
  7. #WoofWednesday – for all the puppy lovers out there

Thursday Hashtags

In many cases, people love this day because it’s getting close to the weekend. You can focus on some funny stuff, but at the same time you can also post some serious hashtags during this day too. The possibilities are limitless here, and you are free to make the right pick the best way you can.

  1. #ThursdayFunDay – fun all around, in all formats
  2. #ThursdayThoughts – some random or meaningful thoughts about the current day
  3. #ThankfulThursday – encourages people to be thankful about their life and all the benefits they get from it!
  4. #ThursdayTreat – a simple treat, be it a fun or an informative one
  5. #ThirstyThursday – this is a great hashtag for people that are avid for more information and content.
  6. #Thursdate – in case your audience wants to set up dates, this is a great way to do it.
  7. #ThrowbackThursday – thinking about the past is really fun, if you bring in front the good stuff.

Friday Hashtags

Friday is all about preparing for the weekend. That’s why you can get as funny as you want with the hashtags. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be really serious. The idea is to know how to tackle everything and to enjoy your life unlike never before. It’s a great opportunity to consider and the best part is that these hashtags are quite impressive to be honest.

  1. #FridayFreebie – great hashtag for giveaways
  2. #FunFriday – share images and videos with others
  3. #FridayReads – recommend some books that people can read over the weekend
  4. #GoodNewsFriday – spread some positivity with the latest news.
  5. #FridayIntroductions – introduce someone from your community to everyone
  6. #FeatureFriday – feature a product or service and let people learn more about it
  7. #LeadFriday – share great stuff about leadership and how people can improve their skills.
  8. #FactFriday – this is self-explanatory, it’s all about facts and bringing in some great results.
  9. #FilmFriday – movie recommendations for everyone

Saturday Hashtags

Just because the work week has ended, that doesn’t mean you should stop posting stuff. The focus has to be on posting as much high quality content as you can. That being said, you also need to take your time as you try to figure out which are the best hashtags to use at this time.

  1. #SaturdayNight – a great hashtag for Saturday night activities
  2. #Wkendthx – encourage people to be thankfully for the weekend and all it has to offer
  3. #SaturdayNightTakeaway – lots of great stuff to learn about your Saturday night experience
  4. #SaturdaySelfie – some people can easily share a selfie here if they want
  5. #SaturdayShenanigans – cool, fun or crazy stories about each person’s Saturday
  6. #SmallBusinessSaturday – business-savvy people can share business ideas and content here
  7. #Caturday – for the cat lovers

Sunday Hashtags

Now that the week is over, you can promote a lot of great stuff so people forget that they work tomorrow. You need to be as creative as possible with the Sunday hashtags. Promoting your own stuff can be a really good idea, and you should always try to do that if possible. It’s worth your time as long as you do it properly.

  1. #SundayFunday – talk about the Sunday experiences in all of their glory
  2. #SundayRoast – a great one for food lovers
  3. #ScienceSunday – Sundays are great for learning something new and exploring science
  4. #SundayFunday – Sundays are really fun, so you should encourage everyone to explore their benefits!
  5. #SomeoneSpecialSunday – if you have that someone special in your life, you can talk about him here!

It’s easy to see that no matter the day, you can still find some really nice ideas to take into consideration. It all comes down to having the right experience and generating as many sales as possible. Take your time, study all the options and the return on investment can be more than ok. And remember, try to use hashtags as often as possible. You can easily create your own hashtags if you want, and the outcome can definitely be more than ok because of that.