About Me

Hello, I am Tyler Stavola. Your friendly neighborhood SEO Expert.

An Experienced SEO Practitioner

I have a passion for Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I have gained valuable experience over the past 10 years of my career and have built a record of delivering results across a wide array of technologies. After gaining a degree in Interactive Digital Design from Quinnipiac University, I worked in NYC for The History Channel and A&E as a Web Designer and Ad Sales Producer. After a few years I branched out and joined an up and coming webcasting startup called Unisfair as a Senior Producer. This is where I learned project management fundamentals and worked with clients to build their online events.

From webcasting to digital production to graphic design, I have always worked in tandem with marketing teams and started to become very interested in the concept of online visibility.

What makes one brand a household name whereas another brand is unknown? Why do some websites rank for certain keywords and others do not?

I quickly became immersed in learning and testing out the techniques and tactics that rank a website. I moved to Houston, Texas and stepped into the role of an SEO Specialist at Regex SEO. I then furthered my experience as OWDT’s Digital Visibility Director before moving on and becoming an independent SEO Consultant.

Throughout these years I have gained extensive knowledge in internet marketing, web design and digital production, from developing marketing strategies, to outreach, content promotion and paid search.

Throughout all of this, my focus is always on delivering results to the client. Getting clients an ROI on my services is the most important part of my job, and nothing makes me happier than presenting winning results in the monthly reports and seeing clients gain business from my efforts. Clients put their faith in me, so when I deliver, this justifies all of the hard work.

My Core Values

These are the values that make me tick.


It all starts with being passionate about what you do. My curiosity drives my journey for continuous improvement.

Work Ethic

A person needs the drive, work ethic and motivation in order to get results worth measuring.

Personal Accountability

My goal is to provide true value to customers that will ultimately bring their business to a higher level online. In practice that means delivering search rankings.