Steps to optimizing your Ecommerce site

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce is BIG business.

There are many reasons you should optimize your site for search engines, but the bottom line is to increase sales. When SEO is done right, you will see an increase in quality traffic, which will lead to more conversions and repeat visitors.


Using a Combination of link building, social media and local SEO. helps you to bring in visitors and potential customers.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

All online transactions (purchases, sales, product exchanges, etc) that occur between two business (B2B), between a business and a consumer (B2C), or between two consumers (C2C), fall into “ecommerce” category. Therefore, if you have an online store, an auction site, or any kind of service that accepts payments – you own an ecommerce website. But, it is not enough to set up a webshop and believe that you’ll get the customers straight away, and think that your store will take care of yourself.

Ask yourself…

What does off-page SEO mean for you and your business? o

Effective SEO strategy For Your Online Store

If your brand is mentioned on social media, website article and blog post, Google takes it as a positive sign. You can get a mention in the form of customer reviews, complaints, conversations, social media as well as web mentions.

When your brand is mentioned, people will often leave a link to your website so the audience can find you more easily. And as the brand mention has the same effect on your site’s rating as a backlink, the best option would be to have a high-authority website for a source. Better the website – more link juice you will get.

We will look for mentions of your brand all around the web (forums, blog posts, news sites and social media), give you an insight into how people are reacting to your product or service, and if the sentiment of mention is negative or positive.

Ecommerce Platforms

“What platform should I pick?” That is one of the most important choices you make when starting your webshop. Even though there are many different systems to choose from, what will suit your business depends on a variety of factors: number of items in store, layout, budget, desired on-page features, looks, payment methods etc. Of course, we will help you hand-pick the best one.


WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress that makes your website a full-featured online store.This plugin will enable you to keep track of your stock, product and shopping information as well as get secure payment gateways. Essentially, it provides you with a set if tools required for successful webshop management.

WooCommerce is Google friendly, making it easy for the leader of search engine pack to analyze and then rank your website. We will use our expertesse to optimize your WooCommerce online shop, and boost your rankings for specific keywords – both locally and globally.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform with great possibilities – it can be easily optimized for search engines, it is responsive and works great on any mobile device, and it gives you the opportunity to implement different payment methods. It contains all the essential SEO features at all levels: editable title tags, meta descriptions, page URLs, ALT tags for images, custom image file names, etc.

Using all of it’s possibilities, we will optimize your Shopify store with valuable content and relevant descriptions, so your both local and global customers can find your shop quickly and place their orders easily.


Magento is currently known as the most flexible e-commerce platform – It’s professionally looking with well organized categories. It is also very well optimized for search engines and offers comprehensive SEO functionality. Having said that, one must be familiar with the optimization principles in SEO – nothing with Magento comes “preset”.

We will make sure your Magento online shop is always highly ranked, and packed with quality content, tags and clean URLs optimized for easy finding.

Youtube Comments

Finally, we will utilize Youtube comments as well. Using this platform, we will reach out to those who spend their time watching videos. The rules of commenting are mostly the same as blog and forum comments so we will be answering all queries timely and with passion.

White Hat Method for Off-Page SEO

White hat SEO is a set of different tactics that stay within the rules and bounds of Google’s rulebook for improving search ranking. By utilizing these tactics, you will end up with a high-ranking website, recognized by search engines as the website with integrity.

And while using rich meta-tags, improving your website’s speed and responsiveness, and writing quality content are good whitehat SEO techniques, they are solely focused on on-page optimization. Off-page SEO requires a different approach – but we got it covered as well.

Whatsmore, all tactics mentioned above are whitehat off-page SEO techniques that comply with a Google’s rulebook.

Finally, we are a white hat SEO company, and we play by the rules. With us, you can rest assured that your website won’t get blacklisted for SEO malpractice. You will rank high, and you will rank well.

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