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Email Marketing

Email Campaigns built from the ground up

Email Marketing Services can help you build meaningful relationships with customers.. allowing businesses to keep their customers informed and tailor their marketing messages to their customers.


Email was the original “killer app”  -everyone uses it, and that’s why it’s been the absolute best channel for digital marketing and audience building. 

The Advantage of Email Marketing

Email marketing is addressed advertisements sent by email, to both clients and prospects, and it is unbeatable when compared with conventional marketing and advertising. It is effective, has a good reach, can be filtered and the cost per contact is low.

Email marketing is cost-effective, fast, profitable and measurable. It allows you to increase your online sales, gets you more people on the site, and ensures that they download materials you offer or sell. E-mail marketing improves customer loyalty, allows a customer to visit your website and, at the same, time strengthens your brand.

So, how does the email marketing work?

Email marketing is pretty simple, actually. We will:

  • Plan your custom strategy, the most effective one for a specific business;
  • Build an email list;
  • Send your emails (promotions or newsletters);
  • Track and measure the performance of the strategy;
  • Deliver exact metrics about campaign performance;

Ask yourself…

What does keyword research mean for you and your business? 

What is an "Email list" and how to build a good one?

Once you have decided to go with an email marketing strategy, it is time we build a relevant email list for your campaign.

We will use several different ways to create your quality email list, and we will start off with determining the perfect customer profile. We will start building the email list through social networks research (such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), finding the right target group. Later on, the list will be updated with subscribers you get through your website, blogs, social media pages, email responses etc.


A monthly newsletter sent through email is a great way of gathering a list of quality leads. Your company will communicate with it’s clients and followers regularly. That communication will generate leads and sales which  will help your business grow. Newsletter is primarily directed towards those who have shown some interest in your products and services.

Content sent through your newsletter must make readers curious. To satisfy their curiosity, they will try to contact you for more information, even if they have no intention of making a purchase directly. A good newsletter will influence your customers to think about you more often than they would normally, but keep in mind that quality content is crucial for this tactics to be successful. We will feed your customers and prospects with right information about your business, industry as well as company news and promotions.

Email Promotions

The main difference between a Promotion and a Newsletter is delivering frequency. While newsletter can be sent weekly or monthly, your company promotions will reach your customer whenever your company is having activities like weekly discounts, a sale, or a give away.

We will make sure your customers are informed about all your promo activities, with strong “call to action” message.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty refers to a measure of how likely your customers are to do repeat business with you. It is clear that any kind of loyalty is earned, and the product /service your customers are purchasing must be of good quality. But, that is not the only thing. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that cares about their customers, even if the product or service they purchased is not of the premium quality.

Our goal is to make your customers feel familiar and comfortable with your brand, converting them to a returning customer. With the right strategy that involves your subscribers and users, customers will start returning to your services whether they need it or not. If you keep them informed about interesting news, and give them freebies and discount coupons, they are likely to get involved more and recommend you to their friends, colleagues, and partners.

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