Quality + Quantity = Your Link Profile

Link Building

Links are a vote of confidence for your website

Backlinks remain an important factor in how every search engine determines which sites rank for which keywords. Links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation.


If you want more search engine traffic, link building is a must. Links are still a major Google ranking factor!

Building Backlinks - The Main Idea

A link is like a bridge between two pages or websites. In order for human visitors or search engines to be able to get from one page to another, they need links. This is why link building is an important part of your optimization: it’s a powerful way to make your website rank better in different search engines, as the amount of qualitative links is one of the most important signals in their algorithms.

Ask yourself…

What does keyword research mean for you and your business? 

Quality Over Quantity

Essentially, link building is getting other websites to link to yours. And while there are several ways to achieve this (we will cover that in a minute) it is important you know that it’s better to get a few backlinks from a high-quality websites, then an abundance from low-end ones.  If trusted sources send backlinks to you, your site will be considered more credible, And as the focus is definitely on quality over quantity, getting these high-end backlinks is much more difficult to obtain.

High-quality links 

Top quality links help your site to gain more authority. Links will probably always play an important role in SEO. Assessing whether a link is good or bad is not as difficult as one can sometimes believe. If a link comes from a relevant page in a natural way it is probably a good one. 


On the other hand,  low-quality (purchased or rented) links have the opposite effect, and can damage your ranking potential. Therefore, your link building strategy shouldn’t only consider gathering more relevant (high-quality) backlinks, but plan on handling toxic links as well.

Guest Posting

The guest postor article is becoming increasingly popular as it is an excellent way to distribute your content and get quality backlinks from high performing blogs.

The guest posting is one of the best ways to generate massive traffic, and comes with an abundance of advantages such as:

  • Greater website visibility;
  • Increased credibility;
  • Improved  ranking.

It even makes it possible to create profitable relationships with other relevant websites and companies from your industry, or relevant bloggers.

A guest post can be effective and bring results only if your potential customers can find the valuable content you are trying to present. Only then they can follow it back to your website and get more information. With this in mind, we will find relevant websites involved in your particular subject or industry, to post your content and provide high-quality backlinks.

Creating Backlinks Through Strategic Partnerships

An effective and natural way to work with links is through strategic partnerships. This is particularly important for B2B companies whose business is often symbiotic with partner companies. As strategic partnership is an association between two companies through which they undertake to work together to achieve a strategic goal – and it will work for your SERP ratings as well.

For example: links between “the dealer”  (your company), and “the retailer” (other relevant website / company) are both natural and relevant. Natural and relevant links from already established partnerships are a gold mine for SEO.

Even though there is an arranged partnership, it takes time to get a link. It’s about contacting the webmaster, finding a suitable place to link from, and making sure that you abide the company’s link building guidelines.

Building Your Link Profile

Every link to your website should be profiled in best possible way. A “link profile” for your site should include:

  • Links from related / relevant niches;
  • Relevant local links;
  • A natural amount of links from small sites, and links from major sites with authority.

Focusing on relevant links from unique domains will help you build that “perfect link profile”. We’ll make sure you have links from unique domains, as it is a huge benefit for SEO. For example, if we can build 10 links from a single domain, or 2 links from different domains, we will always choose the second option – as the more effective one.

But, above all else, the perfect link profile is actually the natural link profile.

For example, it’s not natural to only have links from major sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, etc. You have to vary their links for best results. Similarly, it is equally unnatural to have most links from low quality sites.

Anchor Text​

Anchor text is also an important thing to think about when posting links. We will choose the most attractive anchor text for your hyperlinks, that will provide both search engines and users relevant contextual information about the content of the link’s destination.

This means we’ll have a good control over your links and will design it according to your own wants and needs.

Natural Linking Strategies

We work with natural linking strategies, and mapping of existing partnerships is the first step. Later on, we create a list of potential partners – resellers ,re-posters or any other relevant entities that will participate in this partnership – it is a win-win situation for them as well. You and your partner will mutually promote each other, boost ratings and create valuable backlinks to each other’s websites.

The Natural Link Profile has links from niche-related sites, relevant blogs, no-follow links, forum links, and links from domains like Tumblr and Blogspot, for example.

As long as we focus on creating “linkable” content, reaching relevant and local sites, some links from major and popular sites, forums and blog links, we will always have the chance to build the perfect link profile.

Increasing Domain Authority (DA)

Link building increases domain authority and visibility and helps you get faster and deeper indexing. It can also increase your ranking for specific search phrases. The more backlinks you get, the higher your page rank. By receiving quality backlinks, you are signaling the quality of your website to the search engines.

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