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Local SEO

Half of all Google searches are location based - Don't miss out!

If you’re a local business and you don’t have a local SEO in place, you are missing out on quality traffic for your products or services online. Local SEO positions your business on search engines and other digital spaces to be seen by potential customers.


Local SEO is critical to your business success and will increase your organic traffic, create leads, and grow your business.

Why Local Search Engine Optimization?

For those who run any kind of local affiliate business it’s wise to work on local SEO on their site.

Local search engine optimization is an effective form of internet marketing that allows millions of customers to search for local services in their area. Those looking locally are more likely to choose your services because it is more easily accessible. Local search engine optimization is, therefore, a great way to help local consumers to get in touch with your company. For you as a company, it is necessary to be seen locally if your sales happen locally. For the past few years, Google has gradually increased the importance of local search and maps, making it very important to consider following steps for optimal local SEO:

  • Consistency with your company information (NAP consistency);
  • Using online reviews and links to Google reviews;
  • Google My Business and Bing Places for Business ownership and optimization;
  • Local Keyword Page optimization
  • Creating local content that acquires links from local bloggers, press, and social media

Ask yourself…

Does your business have enough local reach? 

Citation Building

A “Citation” is what is usually called link building without, necessarily, involving links.

A local citation is any mention of your business on the web, as an combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. Citations in SEO are a key factor in improving your local search results.

A citation doesn’t need to link back to your website to be valuable. The value of a citation is the mention of your business. Google identifies that your business was mentioned through the presence of your NAP info, and you get credit for this mention. The more mentions of your business are out and about on the web, the more prominent your business appears to Google – and with Google it is all about reputation.

We will spread the word about your business on relevant sites, such as blogs, forums, and other social networking sites, which gathers potential clients and customers. With every citation, besides building backlinks, your company NAP will be more consistent.

NAP (n,a,p,w) consistency

NAP is your company ID with elementary information. It stands for Name, Address, and Phone, with W as an option, when Web address is included. Your business’ NAP is important because Google and other search engines check to make sure your NAP records are consistent across the web. To build confidence, you need to make sure search engines understand who you are and where you are (NAP consistency).

If your local listings don’t match, you are portraying that you don’t know who you are/where you are, and will lose confidence as a result. Search engines are highly sophisticated so even the slightest variation in your NAP data, such as a missing apostrophe, is detected and noted.

Any inconsistencies can have a negative effect on SEO.

Having different business information (NAP) in different places or having no information at all is more common than you think. We will make sure your NAP is consistent in all the places you are visible on, maintaining the confidentiality of your company.

Hyper Relevant Directories

Why should you get your r website listed in a web directory? Such listing may not provide huge amounts of direct traffic, but they still have a highly positive effect on your ranking in search engines.

All hyper relevant directories, such as Dmoz.org, have criteria that sites must meet if they wish to be added to the database. We will make sure your company profile matches all criteria and gets listed together with all other relevant websites on the web.

Review Generation

Representing local customers’ opinion of your business, reviews became the most influential Internet factor for any local business. With that in mind, it is quite obvious that every local business needs a strategy for encouraging customers to leave reviews on a variety of platforms. The number of reviews you earn can directly impact local search rankings, while the positive and negative sentiments in those reviews can directly impact conversions and earnings. Throughout the life of your business, you’ll be seeking to earn a wide array of positive reviews.

Our job is to make sure your company has good reviews on every relevant network or website, locally and worldwide.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a portal that can be used to handle multiple business aspects, and it assures that relevant information is displayed to users when they search for your services. By offering your services through Google My Business, (instead of just  through your own website) you make it easier for people to find your information more easily, which leads to a better customer experience.

We will take care of your Google My Business profile, maintaining it accurate and up to date.  With a quick search potential customers will find your physical and web address, phone number, working hours, along with brief description of your services, product images, and customer reviews. 

Google Maps Optimization

People are using Google Maps to find hotels, restaurants, shops and other companies nearby. Very often, those searches are made from mobile devices, meaning your customers need an info about the nearest and the most easily reachable business like yours. This is why your local business should be clearly visible on top of local searches on Google Maps.

Our goal is to make your company pop up first, whenever a potential customer searches for a business like yours locally. We’ll place it high in the search results, by providing complete and relevant information about your business.

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