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Off-Page SEO

Bring in visitors by creating exposure, trust and brand awareness

Off-page SEO simply tells Google what others think about your site. For example, if you’ve got a lot of valuable links pointing to your pages, search engines will assume that you’ve got great content


Using a Combination of link building, social media and local SEO. helps you to bring in visitors and potential customers.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a technique that focuses on improving ranking factors outside of your domain and aims to increase user as well as search engine perception of website’s relevance, popularity, trustworthiness, and authority. That is achieved by having reputable sites vouching for the quality of your content through do-follow backlinks.

Off-page SEO is usually achieved  through:

  • Brand mentions;
  • Link building;
  • Blog syndication;
  • Commenting on forums, blogs and streaming sites;
  • Sharing your content on social media

Ask yourself…

What does off-page SEO mean for you and your business? o

Tracking Your Brand Mentions

If your brand is mentioned on social media, website article and blog post, Google takes it as a positive sign. You can get a mention in the form of customer reviews, complaints, conversations, social media as well as web mentions.

When your brand is mentioned, people will often leave a link to your website so the audience can find you more easily. And as the brand mention has the same effect on your site’s rating as a backlink, the best option would be to have a high-authority website for a source. Better the website – more link juice you will get.

We will look for mentions of your brand all around the web (forums, blog posts, news sites and social media), give you an insight into how people are reacting to your product or service, and if the sentiment of mention is negative or positive.

Link building

Google’s search algorithms recognize links as positioning factors when determining SERP rating of your page, and the site will rank better if the higher number of high-quality websites have backlinks to it. To create those much-needed links, you have to do some link building.

Link building is the process of creating as many backlinks to your website as possible while keeping link quality in mind – links are as important as the quality of the page content.

There are several methods to link building:

  • Making a backlink on a site or a blog that is relevant to your niche;
  • Building relationships on social media, focused on your niche, by publishing a quality post or an exciting comment;
  • Providing testimonial or customer story for other product or business;
  • Having an active blog with amusing and helpful content. You will get quoted;
  • Publishing your guest post articles on other sites and blogs;
  • Adding your link to authoritative sites where your competitors are already linked;
  • Redirecting broken or dead backlinks.

Link building will increase traffic success, search ranking and provide you with a necessary footing to have a fair battle with the competitors.

Blog Syndication (web 2.0’s)

Content syndication is when an article, post or any other piece of content from your blog is used on a popular site from your niche. It is cheaper than buying link and saves time if you’re writing on the same topic for another site.

Even though this seems like a recipe for duplicate content, there is nothing to worry about. Google bots will recognize backlink to your original post and determine that your article is the original.

By opting for blog syndication, you will drive traffic to your site and improve its image. Also, your credibility as an author will improve.

  • We will help you determine your goals and identify your target audience, their interests, and what do they expect from your articles.
  • We will create posts with catchy titles, filled with keywords which address wants and needs of the target audience to the fullest.
  • Finally, we will find the best sites for your blog syndication.

Benefits of blog syndication include the increasing number of visits to your website, receiving quality backlinks, exposing you and your brand to a new audience and improving search rankings.

Leaving Backlinks Through Comments

Leaving comments on forums, blog posts and streaming sites is another way to improve your website’s SERP ranking. And while this off-page SEO tactic seems simple and easily applied, making it “work its magic” to the fullest takes meticulous research and careful implementation. Carelessly placed comment can be easily interpreted as SPAM, and quickly removed, taking the link to your site with it.

Leaving a useful and meaningful comment on a niche website lead to a guest post, attract visitor attention, and increase overall traffic to your website.

In this instance, we will be aiming to post comments on high ranking, high traffic niche related pages, which will allow link sharing.

Forum Comments

Leaving a backlink to your website in comments on different forums is one of the most efficient ways to increase your site’s traffic. Those intrigued by your comment will have the ability to visit your website easily.

We will identify popular forums similar to your niche, and maintain different accounts which will enable effective link building.

Blog Comments

Blog commenting will increase your credibility and traffic to your blog, help build your brand and your social media, form relationships, and improve the visibility of your site.

To help you out we will:

  • Find as many blogs as we possibly can in your niche and leave relevant comments;
  • Try to get the top comment spot as those are the ones that get the most traffic;
  • Form relationships with other bloggers;
  • Always leave positive, polite and helpful comments;
  • Be active in commenting, at least once or twice a week.

Youtube Comments

Finally, we will utilize Youtube comments as well. Using this platform, we will reach out to those who spend their time watching videos. The rules of commenting are mostly the same as blog and forum comments so we will be answering all queries timely and with passion.

White Hat Method for Off-Page SEO

White hat SEO is a set of different tactics that stay within the rules and bounds of Google’s rulebook for improving search ranking. By utilizing these tactics, you will end up with a high-ranking website, recognized by search engines as the website with integrity.

And while using rich meta-tags, improving your website’s speed and responsiveness, and writing quality content are good whitehat SEO techniques, they are solely focused on on-page optimization. Off-page SEO requires a different approach – but we got it covered as well.

Whatsmore, all tactics mentioned above are whitehat off-page SEO techniques that comply with a Google’s rulebook.

Finally, we are a white hat SEO company, and we play by the rules. With us, you can rest assured that your website won’t get blacklisted for SEO malpractice. You will rank high, and you will rank well.

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