Measuring results is a key factor to success

SEO Analytics

Without Analytics you will be flying blind, unable to chart your course.

SEO analytics is a great place to start when you’re ready to improve your website’s SERP ranking. With our expert knowledge and range of tools, we will evaluate your website and define the perfect strategy for generating more leads and increasing overall traffic.


Analytics provide information to help you make educated changes to your site based on actual data, as opposed to hypothesized ideas based on opinions

Without analytics, you are operating in the dark

Knowledge is power. And in the world of search engines, knowledge comes through SEO analytics which will allow us to:

  • Identify the way readers locate your website;
  • Determine which pages and links readers click the most;
  • Segment your visitors and provide them with a custom content;
  • Do a fine tuning of your website and boost its chances in the SERP jungle;
  • Conduct competitive SEO analysis – just to determine where we stand.

Ask yourself…

How do you measure success for your online marketing efforts? 

Software and Strategy

These are ours “weapons of choice” in creating a successful SEO and content marketing strategy for your company.

Web analytics deliver data about your website, your visitors and their behaviour, so you can measure what’s working and what isn’t, and improve your website’s performance and conversion rates.


Heatmap is a software that analyses visitor behavior, but rather than showing statistics it uses different colors to show things like:

    • Mouse movement;
    • Scroll tracking;
    • Click tracking;
    • Eye tracking;

You can easily map where visitors click most on the page, and based on that data, make calculated changes that will improve your conversion rate.

Google Tag Manager

GTM helps to set up and manage various marketing and analytic tags on your website without the developers support. This makes a job much more simpler and handy for quick changes. The benefits of GTM are many, we will mention the most important:

  • Easier and faster tag implementation;
  • Better security with user restrictions;
  • Easier management;
  • Debug test to be sure that your tags work;
  • Update control with archived older versions, for easy backup;
  • Simple coding with built-in tags.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a tool that provides basic and statistical analytical information for SEO and marketing purposes. It will allow us to:

  • Measure organic traffic;
  • Monitor bounce rate;
  • Identify slow loading pages;
  • Analyze user’s habits;
  • Analyze landing page reports;
  • Study internal site search;

This valuable data will give as an insight into visitors behavior: it will tell us where they come from, on which pages they tend to “land”, which content interests them the most, and which they tend to avoid. Also, we will check under the hood and see if your website is up and running at the optimum efficiency.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a tool for effective advertising that enables visitors tracking. Essentially, it is a string of code you weave into your website which allows you to:

  • Gain more knowledge about your audience (behaviors and preferences);
  • Track effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts;
  • Send targeted messages to users who already know your brand;

Using these data we can reallocate budget or change targeted audience, thus making the campaign more successful. If we realize that certain campaign isn’t working out, we can easily shift resources to others that are bringing in leads.


Hubspot is sophisticated inbound marketing and sales software – an all-in-one system. With it you can perform marketing activities and host the entire website. This software can be used to:

  • Manage website content;
  • Create landing pages;
  • Schedule social media posts;
  • Make automatic marketing workflows;


Hubspot helps us to gain feedback from users and develop your business based on real data.

Why These Tools?

In order to make a marketing campaign successful, it needs to be tracked. After planning and implementation, using these tools we calculate the ROI of a particular campaign. They will help us make data driven decisions, have a better understanding of the ROI, and provide you with regular reports, crucial when making strategic decisions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven decision is a process of using analyzed data to see if your SEO strategy is working out, it’s a method of reviewing a campaign. But just learning and knowing isn’t enough – make decisions based on what you learn and don’t be afraid to experiment: :

  • Learn about visitor behaviour, and make your website more user friendly as a result; ;
  • Learn about user’s other interests and offer them more of the same;
  • Based on ever-shifting rules of the search engines, stay in the loop and develop meaningful keyword strategies;
  • Monitor competitors activity, learn from them, and apply best practises to your business;
  • Collect, choose and analyze data;

A Better Understanding of ROI

Return of Investment or ROI is a measurement of SEO success – an advertising ratio of profit and cost. With this kind of measurement, you can get a better insight of how your budget is spent, and make a better asset allocation. Every ROI report should have:

  • Analyzed non-branded traffic;
  • Analyzed inbound links to your website;
  • Level of traffic quality from search engines;
  • Revenues and sales studies;

Monthly Reports With Detailed Analysis

Every monthly report is an opportunity to learn, and not just interpret information. A basic report includes answers to these questions:

  • Which strategy is using to reach organic goals?
  • What tasks were completed during last month?
  • Are there any opportunities or threats?
  • What are the suggestions?

These tools will provide us with all of the information you need on monthly basis. Even though we will analyze and interpret them together at first, in a few months time you will be able to make your own data-driven decisions – all thanks to these detailed reports.

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