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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is key to getting your brand, product or service out there to the world. Having a proper social media strategy in place is critical to success. By building relevant social signals and traffic you carve out a place for your brand.


The social media world changes faster than any other online space. This sector has grown faster than the Internet itself.

Social Media Marketing and why it's important

Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing in which you use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+ and others, to gain traffic and promote your business. The primary goal is getting more customers and increasing brand awareness.

Ask yourself…

Do you have a plan to make social media work for your business?

Social Signals

When someone shares, likes, dislikes, pins and views your post, you are getting a social signal. These interactions show affinity and popularity of particular content on social media. Every social media signal can potentially benefit your SEO as well as SERP rating. However, to do so there are specific rules that you must abide:

  • Publish your content frequently – more social signals your content gets, the better it will rank in Google;
  • Include links from authoritative sites – a combination of links and social signals is a right way of increasing ranking;
  • Promote positive comments from a satisfied customer – however, do not erase negative comments;
  • Use the right hashtags and keywords within your posts – hashtags will help you target specific topic groups, while keywords will allow search engines to rank your posts;

With that in mind, we will boost your social signals by increasing number of followers, interacting with them and providing them with quality content they will like and share. Also, we will grow the number of backlinks to your site, and track all activity on your social media so we can make future data-driven decisions.

Click Funnels & Sales Funnels

Click funnel is a website with series of web pages that customer needs to navigate through to buy a product. Sales funnel, on the other hand, is a buying process with several phases (Attention, consideration, interest, desire, purchase, advocacy), that people go through when they want to purchase the product and become a customer.

By utilizing click and sales funnels, you will be able to increase conversion rate and sales revenue, track product sales and predict potential sale volume. Finally, these funnels will help you create top quality landing pages.

To create and optimize click and sales funnel we will:

  • Use various marketing channels;
  • Regularly publish quality content on social media channels;
  • Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns;
  • Nurture the relationship with your customer before and after the purchase;
  • Retarget visitors who weren’t interested the first time;
  • Send a promotional email;
  • Showcase positive reviews from your customers;
  • Make sure that your product has quality copy written content.


Social media remarketing is a process of targeting people who visited your site and didn’t make a purchase. Through remarketing, you will be able to show them your ad while they are browsing through their profile. Based on the product of their search or site they were browsing on, specific ads will appear on the profile.

Through remarketing you will be able to achieve:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better brand awareness and broader audience exposure;
  • Tighter budget control;

As remarketing can be a bit tricky at times, we will ensure that you get best for your buck. We will find out all there is about your target audience (their wishes, interests, hobbies) and make sure that remarketing ads resonate with them. We will use proper hashtags to connect to all media platforms, thus not only reaching out to potential customers but remaining in touch with past clients as well.

Getting The Buyers Attention

On social media, you have to be noticeable and entertaining to your targeted audience to get shares, likes, pins, views, etc. You have to engage and interact with them to attract their attention and stand out from the competition.

Now, grabbing the attention of potential customers and standing out amongst the competition is difficult, but not impossible. All it takes are few easy steps. We will:

  1. Identify the right platform for your type of business;
  2. Continuously monitor the competition while staying up to date with changes to social media;
  3. Analyze and implement best tactics to help you rise above your competition (video, photos or giveaway posts;
  4. Make sure you continuously interact with your followers

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven decision making is a process of making business decisions based on verified and analyzed data rather than decisions that are intuitive or observational. The essence of data-driven decision making is a continuous analysis of available data. It will give you an insight into emerging trends and constant changes that you should abide, as well as the answers to what, where, who, where and why people choose or refuse your business.

Why you should you rely on data-driven decision making:

  • It can give you information which and where your audience is, what they like and why are they interested in your business;
  • It tells you what draws the attention of your customer, and why they buy your product and how they feel about it;
  • You can anticipate future trends and identify new business opportunities;
  • It can show you where to focus your marketing efforts;

By using data driven-decisions, we can help you take the no. 1 spot. We will analyze facts and opinions, source the sales data, customer records, and inventory, and measure all cost and benefits. This will allow us to stay ahead of the competition and find the most useful data for your business goals.

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